Oil Test Set

Our Oil Test sets are ideal for speedy and accurate testing of dielectric strength of transformer and circuit breaker oils as per IS:6792-1972. Output: We give continuously variable output from 0-50 KV, 0-60KV, 0-75KV, 0-100KV, or 0-120KV. Sets are available either in manual or motor operated.

General Arrangements: The set will comprise of the following H. T. Transformer, control circuit & Test Cell with electrode & gauge and supplied in a single unit. The transformers will be cast resin type air-cooled.

Controls : The control circuits will consist of the followings

  • Continuously variable auto-transformer for smooth variation of output voltage
  • Automatic tripping mechanism for protection of H. T. Transformer against overload on flash over
  • One voltmeter connected to L. T. side and calibrated in KV
  • One zero start interlocking device. The set cannot be energized unless the Variac (Auto Transformer) is at Zero position
  • One memory device along with a push switch to enable the voltmeter to show breakdown voltage by pushing the memory switch even after high voltage circuit is tripped off.

Mode of Operational : Manual and motor operated sets are available. Beside motorized auto transformer regulator for motorized set, motor operated auto transformer and its corresponding remote control switches will be provided. The speed of rotation of the systems will be such that output rate of voltage will be 2 KV 

H. T. Transformer : High Voltage Transformer ratio is 230 V / 50 KV or as per requirement with center tap of H. V. winding earthed.

Test Vessels : The test vessel is fitted with two brass spheres of dia 12.7 mm, places at a distance of 2.5mm on sides of test vessel made from non absorbent insulating material. The gap can be adjusted by adjusting one sphere.

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