Transformer Oil Filter (single stage)

As is well known the Transformer plays an important role in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Under load the transformer, dissipates heat and the insulating oil acts as a coolant as well as a effective dielectric. Due to the highly hygroscopic nature of the transformer oil, it absorbs moisture from windings, which leads to gradual deterioration of dielectric strength. TRUHEAT oil purifier is the most efficient and economical purification system. It consists of the following:

  1. Filter Unit
  2. Indirect system of Oil Heating
  3. Vacuum Dehydration / Degasification Unit
  4. Condenser and Condensate Receiver
  5. Feed and Delivery Pump
  6. Piping & Valves
  7. Control Panel

Components of Plant

1) Filter Unit : The filter unit consists of:

  • (a) a Coarse strainer having a wire mesh filter element for retaining solid particles and a powerful magnet for retaining magnetic particles.
  • (b) a Filter unit containing round type filter paper discs held under spring compression. These can be easily cleaned off the sediment by reverse flow of compressed gas.

2) Indirect system of Oil Heating : Specially designed heaters with low watt density heat the auxiliary heating oil, which in turn heats the transformer oil maintaining a temperature of 70-80 C. This indirect method of heating completely obviates any localized overheating of transformer oil.

3) Vacuum Dehydration / Degasification Unit : The cylindrical external pressure vessel fitted with a number of shallow drip trays and a specially designed spray pipe. This arrangement increase interfacial surface area.

4) Condenser and Condensate Receiver : For condensing the vapour from dehydration chamber and condensate receiver of welded M. S. construction.

5) Feed and Delivery Pump : Effective feed and delivery pump of rotary gear type coupled directly with motors. Vacuum pump having adequate capacity are provided.

6) Water Seperator : Collects the water produced by the condensor which can be periodically drained out.

7) Control Panel : A centralized control panel incorporated all major electrical devices with indicating lamps is provided

  • (a) Imported thermostat for temperature cut off at desired
  • (b) Thermometer for measuring temperature of both heating as well as transformer oil
  • (c) Pressure & Vacuum gauges
  • (d) Flow control indicator
  • (e) Electronic Float Control
  • (f) Electrical instruments, voltometers and ammeters
  • (g) Electrical overloads and overload releases for safety of motors.
Transformer Oil Filter (single stage)
Transformer Oil Filter (multi stage)
Testing Instruments
Oil Test Set
AC/DC High Voltage Test Set
Truheat Relay Test Set
Induced Over Voltage Test Set

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