Truheat Relay Test Set

These Relay Test Sets are ideal to test protective Relay, over current Relay, Earth Fault Relay and Circuit Breaker. The set provides different parameters like AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Voltage and Time measuring scope (Digital Time Interval Meter).

Input : 240 V

Output :

  1. Current Output
    1. 0 to 1/2/5/10 amps, Open circuit voltage: 25V
    2. 0 to 50/100 amps, Open circuit voltage: 5V

  2. AC Voltage output : 0 - 250 volt, Capacity: 2 amp
    DC voltage output : 0 - 250 volt, Capacity: 1 amp

  3. Time Measuring Scope
    4 Digit Time interval meter 9.999 or 99.99 secs.
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